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Saturday, 7 January 2017

DD Free dish/ABS Free dish Latest News/New Free to air satellite Channels

You are welcome to your favorite this blog we are  going to discuss about dd free dish and ABS free Dish.Here I am going to start discussion about all free to air channels.there are many satellites who provide free to air channels in India.  some Channels are available in KU band and some channels are on C band .OK now we are going in  to depth .

Q -1.What is C band ?
Ans-1: Technology is changing day by day . All big things are integrated in to smaller things .for example Big TV in LCD . By using latest technology we can easily watch Doordarshan channels on our smart phone with internet by using a DVB S2 device into phone.we discuss later about this.

                     C Band large size dish  used by our cable operators.C band LNB is different than Ku Band .
Here is picture of C band Dish 8 feet .

Q:-2-what is KU band dish?

ans- Ku band is latest technology used by many satellite in works on small size dish

Q3-What is LNB ?
ans-LNB stands for Low Noise is device that gets single from satellite.the signal is in the form of very low microwave,this device amplifies  the signal to the lower frequency band and send to the cable .

  1. LNBFs. Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) dishes use an LNBF (LNB with feedhorn), which integrates the antenna feedhorn with the low noise block converter (LNB). ...
  2. Universal LNB. ...
  3. Standard North America Ku-band LNB. ...
  4. North America DBS LNB. ...
  5. C-band LNB. ...
  6. Dual/Quad/Octo LNBs. ...
  7. Quattro LNBs. ...
  8. Monoblock LNBs.

Q:-4:what is LNB SWITCH?

ans- we can use LNB Switch for switch between one satellite to another.we can attach multiple satellite LNBs on a single receiver with the help of Lnb switch.
LNB switch 4 into One
Q:5:-How to scan/add dd free dish/ABS free Dish Channels?

ans :- it is very easy to get singles from these satellites. complete description are given in to videos.we can learn easily with the help of videos. GH Channel Punjab shares true and verified information with us  Subscribe GH Channel Punjab to get latest Updated news about dish. here is the link of channel
Here are some videos related to this channel.

Q:-How to convert simple TV in to smart TV? how i can play YouTube videos on my TV?


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